Our Story

25 years ago, two friends from the same town in Lebanon decided to venture into the competitive food industry of NYC. They wanted to share their passion of their culture’s food to a diverse city that was in demand for authentic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes. 

The location of their first restaurant was in the heart of the most culturally diverse county in the world: Queens, NY. It did not take long for this restaurant to quickly gain popularity, and have many inquiring about the unique spices and ingredients that they were using. These inquiries led the two friends to to expand their restaurant into the very first Lebanese supermarket in Queens. 

Customers were now able to eat delicious freshly served food, and then shop around for their favorite ingredients to take home! The concept was a hit, and it wasn’t too long after that their second and third locations were opened.

In 2001, Hachem, one of the two friends, decided to move his family to Arizona and opened a smokeshop business. Ahmad, continued the restaurant business and pushed it to ranking #2 in all of NYC for best Middle Eastern Eats according to ABC News.

Since 2001, both families have maintained a tight knit relationship. In 2019, the sons of Hachem and Ahmad decided to remerge the partnership and bring the goods to Tempe. With their fathers’ guidance and blessings, as well as their confidence in their product and recipes, they decided to open the first of many future Pita Valleys. Meanwhile, the NYC restaurants are landmarks and are thriving.